Historians and Statues

Image: ‘Deep Rooted’, by Tjeerd Royaards

There has been a lot of reflection about monuments and history in relation to the recent protests and depedestalisations (love that word from Simon Schama’s piece). This post pulls some of those essays, podcasts, and twitter threads together for easy reference. I compiled it in June 2020, in the immediate response to toppling statues and debated statues, I’ll try to add some later reflections in the months since. Which ones are not yet on this list? (The list is, for instance, very British-focused at the moment).

The wonderful people behind the Paroles d’Histoire Podcast have compiled a way more exhaustive list of historians’ contributions in 2020. They recorded an insightful series of podcast conversations with historians of all stripes.

Memorialisation, heroisation, and amnesia:

Silencing by Memorialising:

Iconoclasm is meaningful

Relation Statues and Systemic Racism:

How statues aren’t history teachers:

Specific places and their statues:

Other Pieces of Relevance:

Image: ‘Deep Rooted’, by Tjeerd Royaards

One thought on “Historians and Statues

  1. victoriagracewalden says:

    Thank you for sharing digital holocaust memory’s latest post. This is a fantastic list, I look forward to working through many of the featured pieces!

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